Controlling ultrafast electrons in motion

The fully coherent free electron laser FERMI paves the way to control ultrafast electron motion.

Electric Fields Photoelectron wave packet
Fig.1 Representation of the phase scan of the first and second harmonics. Lower panel: electric fields of the individual harmonics; upper panel: the sum of the electric field vectors. Fig.2 Schematic representation of the emission intensity of an p + d wave as the phase is scanned. The lobes represent the direction and intensity of emission.

Reference: K. C. Prince, E. Allaria, C. Callegari, R. Cucini, G. De Ninno, S. Di Mitri, B. Diviacco, E. Ferrari, P. Finetti, D. Gauthier, L. Giannessi, N. Mahne, G. Penco, O. Plekan, L. Raimondi, P. Rebernik, E. Roussel, C. Svetina, M. Trovò, M. Zangrando, M. Negro, P. Carpeggiani, M. Reduzzi, G. Sansone, A. N. Grum-Grzhimailo, E.V. Gryzlova, S.I. Strakhova, K. Bartschat, N. Douguet, J. Venzke, D. Iablonskyi, Y. Kumagai, T. Takanashi, K. Ueda, A. Fischer, M. Coreno, F. Stienkemeier, E.Ovcharenko, T. Mazza, M. Meyer, “Coherent control with a short-wavelength Free Electron Laser” Nature Photonics (2016), published online 22nd January. DOI:10.1038/NPHOTON.2016.13

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