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Femtolasers Produktions GmbH has been the first manufacturer of ultrafast, compact and reliable laser oscillator and amplifier solutions, generating optical pulses down to 7 fs with megawatt and multi-gigawatt peak powers at MHz and kHz repetition rates.
Femtolasers began as a spin-off from the Vienna University of Technology, which is in close proximity to the company. Therefore, Femtolasers is well integrated into the local scientific community. Femtolasers is also involved in a variety of co-operations with several universities and institutes worldwide, yielding a global integration. Acquired in 2015 by Spectra-Physics, a division of Newport Inc., Femtolasers is now operating under the name Spectra-Physics Vienna.
Being a small company of 40 people, Femtolasers provides an industrial environment while still allowing each individual to have direct contact with all the departments within the company.
Femtolasers is located in the 10th district in Vienna, south of the central districts. Although densely populated, this area is known to have large recreational areas and parks, one of which is directly next to the company.

Research Training Modules (RTMs)

  1. Carrier-envelope phase stabilization of oscillators and amplifiers
    (see PDF below for details)
  2. Novel carrier-envelope phase stabilization schemes: Pros and cons
    (see PDF below for details)


Spectra-Physics Vienna
Femtolasers Produktions GmbH
Fernkorngasse 10
1100 Vienna,

General Contacts


Scientist in Charge

Andreas Assion
+43 1 503 7002-15

Contact Person

Fabian Lücking
+43 1 503 7002-16

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