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Amplitude Technologies is one of the three laser facility manufacturers in Amplitude laser group. Since the establishment of Amplitude Technologies in April 2001, all efforts have been concentrated on the development of advanced modules and techniques dedicated to these High Power femtosecond amplifiers. Nowadays, Amplitude Technologies is the global expert in science, design and manufacture of high performance laser systems for a variety of specialist applications. In addition to systems used for fundamental physics research, the company is a leading authority in the medical research domain including radiography and cancer treatment projects.

As an important part of its strategy of development, Amplitude Technologies has established formal collaborations with research groups, known worldwide for their expertise in femtosecond Lasers technology, such as CEA-Saclay (DRECAM), CELIA (Bordeaux, France), LOA-ENSTA (Palaiseau, France), Max Born Institute (Berlin, Germany), Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy) etc. A common lab situated at CEA-Saclay was created for the development of new instruments and new technologies. During the last years, Amplitude Technologies has been involved into many Industrial-Academic partnerships, which led to major achievements in terms of commercial products for Amplitude Technologies.

Managing the academic collaborations is one of the major missions of R&D femtosecond group. So far we have 4 permanent members and 4 PhD students, listed as below:

Group leader: Emilien Gontier
Group members:  Xiaowei Chen, Benoir Bussiere, Mathieu Paurisse, Hermance Jacqmin

Joinel Cheleux, Samuel Marrazzo, Anna Gollinelli, Michele Natile

Research Training Modules (RTMs)

  1. Regenerative (Regen) amplifier (see following sections for details)
  2. Alignment of grating compressor (see following sections for details)


Amplitude Technologies
2-4 Rue du Bois Chaland – CE 2926

General Contacts

R & D Femtosecond group leader

Emilien Gontier
+33(0)1 69 11 28 53

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