Researchers’ Night

MEDEA was presents with a workshop during  the researcher’s night at MUST ( MUseo della Scienza e della Tecnologia) in Milan on September 29th.

The workshop was organized in two different parts:

The first one was an approach on the photonics’ world, the topic was introduced by Matteo Moioli and Fabrizio Stavola (the manager of the technology department at the museum) showing how some devices were working (a light sensor which switch on a led when light is detected, lenses, prisms and other components) and let them try to use them, in order to “transport” the light from the start to the end of a path.

During the second part of the workshop Matteo showed a presentation, explaining which is the purpose of the MEDEA project and talking about the lasers, from their history to what he is using in the lab, ending the talk with some discussion about the everyday life of a researcher.