Title: Molecular alignment and orientation
Presenter:  Henrik Stapelfeldt (AU)

Title: Generation and characterization of isolated attosecond pulses
Presenter: Reinhard Kienberger (MPQ)

Title: Attosecond time delay in photoionization
Presenter: Marcus Dahlström (Lund)

Title: CEP stabilization
Presenter: Fabian Lücking (Spectra-Physics)

Title: High-energy IR pulses and their applications
Presenter: Matteo Negro (POLIMI)

Title: Attosecond delays in resonant photoionization
Presenter: Lou Barreau (CEA)

Title: Role of electron-hole recollisions in high harmonic generation from bulk crystals
Presenter: Giulio Vampa (UOTTAWA)

Title: Montecarlo wave packet simulations
Presenter: Lars Bojer Madsen (AU)

Title: Time-resolved dynamics in helium droplets
Presenter: Henrik Stapelfeldt AU

Title: Carrier paths in academia
Presenter: Johan Mauritsson (LUND)