Article in Journal


Title: Material analysis using laser-plasma driven luminescence spectroscopy
Journal: Journal Of Luminescence – 214 116603 (2019) Link: 10.1016/j.jlumin.2019.116603
Reference: M. Barberio, E. Skantzakis and P. Antici


Title: CEP-stable high-energy ytterbium-doped fiber amplifier
Journal: OPTICS LETTERS – 44/16 pp: 3909-3912 (2019) Link: 10.1364/OL.44.003909
Reference: M. Natile, A. Golinelli, L. Lavenu, F. Guichard, M. Hanna, Y. Zaouter, R. Chiche, X. Chen, J. F. Hergott, W. Boutu, H. Merdji, and P. Georges


Title: Attosecond pulse metrology
Journal: APL PHOTONICS – 4/8, 080901 (2019) Link: 10.1063/1.5086773
Reference: I. Orfanos, I. Makos, I. Liontos, E. Skantzakis, B. Förg, D. Charalambidis and P. Tzallas


Title: Ultrasensitive Chiral Spectroscopy by Dynamical Symmetry Breaking in High Harmonic Generation
Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW X – 9/3, 031002 (2019) Link: 10.1103/PhysRevX.9.031002
Reference: Ofer Neufeld, David Ayuso, Piero Decleva, Misha Y. Ivanov, Olga Smirnova and Oren Cohen


Title: Pigment darkening as case study of In-Air Plasma-Induced Luminescence
Journal: SCIENCE ADVANCES – 5/6 eaar6228 (2019) Link: 10.1126/sciadv.aar6228
Reference: M. Barberio, E. Skantzakis, S. Sorieul and P. Antici


Title: Quantum Optical Signatures in a Strong Laser Pulse after Interaction with Semiconductors
Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS – American Physical Society – 122/19 193602 (2019) Link: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.122.193602
Reference: N. Tsatrafyllis, S. Kühn, M. Dumergue, P. Foldi, S. Kahaly, E. Cormier, I. A. Gonoskov, B. Kiss, K. Varju, S. Varro, and P. Tzallas


Title: CEP-stabilized, sub-18 fs, 10 kHz and TW-class 1 kHz dual output Ti:Sa laser with wavelength tunability option
Journal: OPTIC EXPRESS – 27/10 13624-13636 (2019) Link: 10.1364/OE.27.013624
Reference: A. Golinelli, X. Chen, B. Bussière, E. Gontier, P.-M. Paul, O. Tcherbakoff, P. D’Oliveira, and J.-F. Hergott


Title: Propensity rules in photoelectron circular dichroism in chiral molecules. I. Chiral hydrogen
Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW A – American Physical Society – 2019 99/4 Link: 10.1103/PhysRevA.99.043416
Reference: Ordonez, AF , Smirnova, O


Title: Propensity rules in photoelectron circular dichroism in chiral molecules. II. General picture
Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW A – American Physical Society – 2019 99/4 Link: 10.1103/PhysRevA.99.043417
Reference: Ordonez, AF , Smirnova, O


Title: 0.24  TW ultrabroadband, CEP-stable multipass Ti:Sa amplifier
Journal: OSA Publishing – OPTIC LETTERS – Link: 10.1364/OL.44.001464
Reference: Mikayel Musheghyan, Fabian Lücking, Zhao Cheng, Harald Frei, and Andreas Assion


Title: Spatio-temporal coupling of attosecond pulses
Journal: National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America – 116, 11, 4779 (2019) Link: 10.1073/pnas.1817626116
Reference: Hampus Wikmark, Chen Guo, Jan Vogelsang, Peter W. Smorenburg, Hélène Coudert-Alteirac, Jan Lahl, Jasper Peschel, Piotr Rudawski, Hugo Dacasa, Stefanos Carlström, Sylvain Maclot, Mette B. Gaarde, Per Johnsson, Cord L. Arnold, Anne L’Huillier


Title: Spatial separation of pyrrole and pyrrole-water clusters
Journal: Chimical Physics Letters – 2019 16/04 771 Link: 10.1016/j.cplett.2019.01.052
Reference: Melby Johny, Jolijn Onvlee, Thomas Kierspel, Helen Bieker, Sebastian Trippel, Jochen Küpper


Title: Single-shot extreme-ultraviolet wavefront measurements of high-order harmonics
Journal: OSA Publishing – OPTIC EXPRESS – 27, 3, pp. 2656-2670 (2019) Link: 10.1364/OE.27.002656
Reference: Hugo Dacasa, Hélène Coudert-Alteirac, Chen Guo, Emma Kueny, Filippo Campi, Jan Lahl, Jasper Peschel, Hampus Wikmark, Balázs Major, Erik Malm, Domenico Alj, Katalin Varjú, Cord L. Arnold, Guillaume Dovillaire, Per Johnsson, Anne L’Huillier, Sylvain Maclot, Piotr Rudawski, and Philippe Zeitoun



Title: Generalized perspective on chiral measurements without magnetic interactions
Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW A – American Physical Society – 98/6 Link: 10.1103/PhysRevA.98.063428
Reference: Ordonez, AF (Ordonez, Andres F.); Smirnova, O (Smirnova, Olga)


Title: Extreme-ultraviolet refractive optics
Journal: NATURE – 564/7734 Link: 10.1038/s41586-018-0737-3
Reference: Drescher, L (Drescher, L.); Kornilov, O (Kornilov, O.); Witting, T (Witting, T.); Reitsma, G (Reitsma, G.); Monserud, N (Monserud, N.); Rouzee, A (Rouzee, A.); Mikosch, J (Mikosch, J.); Vrakking, MJJ (Vrakking, M. J. J.); Schutte, B (Schuette, B.)


Title: Coulomb explosion imaging of CH3I and CH2CII photodissociation dynamics
Journal: AIP – The journal of chemical physics – 149/20 Link: 10.1063/1.5041381
Reference: Allum, F (Allum, Felix); Burt, M (Burt, Michael); Amini, K (Amini, Kasra); Boll, R (Boll, Rebecca); Kockert, H (Kockert, Hansjochen); Olshin, PK (Olshin, Pavel K.); Bari, S (Bari, Sadia); Bomme, C (Bomme, Cedric); Brausse, F (Brausse, Felix); de Miranda,


Title: Generation of ultrashort pulses by four wave mixing in a gas-filled hollow core fiber
Journal: JOURNAL OF OPTICS – 20/12 Link: 10.1088/2040-8986/aaec41
Reference: Ciriolo, Anna G; Pusala, Aditya; Negro, Matteo; Devetta, Michele; Faccialà, Davide; Mariani, Giacomo; Vozzi, Caterina; Stagira, Salvatore


Title: Evidence of depolarization and ellipticity of high harmonics driven by ultrashort bichromatic circularly polarized fields
Journal: NATURE COMMUNICATIONS – 9/ Link: 10.1038/s41467-018-07151-8
Reference: Barreau, L (Barreau, Lou); Veyrinas, K (Veyrinas, Kevin); Gruson, V (Gruson, Vincent); Weber, SJ (Weber, Sebastien J.); Auguste, T (Auguste, Thierry); Hergott, JF (Hergott, Jean-Francois); Lepetit, F (Lepetit, Fabien); Carre, B (Carre, Bertrand); Houver,


Title: Femtosecond laser induced Coulomb explosion imaging of aligned OCS oligomers inside helium nanodroplets
Journal: AIP – The journal of chemical physics – Link: 10.1063/1.5049555
Reference: James D. Pickering, Benjamin Shepperson, Lars Christiansen, Henrik Stapelfeldt


Title: Fast stabilization of a high-energy ultrafast OPA with adaptive lenses
Journal: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS – 8/ Link: 10.1038/s41598-018-32182-y
Reference: Negro, M (Negro, Matteo); Quintavalla, M (Quintavalla, Martino); Mocci, J (Mocci, Jacopo); Ciriolo, AG (Ciriolo, Anna G.); Devetta, M (Devetta, Michele); Muradore, R (Muradore, Riccardo); Stagira, S (Stagira, Salvatore); Vozzi, C (Vozzi, Caterina); Bonora


Title: Knife edge skimming for improved separation of molecular species by the
Journal: AIP – Review of Scientific Instruments – 89 / 9 Link: 10.1063/1.5026145
Reference: Sebastian Trippel, Melby Johny, Thomas Kierspel, Jolijn Onvlee,Helen Bieker, Hong
Ye, Terry Mullins, Lars Gumprecht,Karol Długołęcki and Jochen Küpper


Title: Looking inside the tunnelling barrier III: spin polarisation in strong field ionisation from orbitals with high angular momentum
Journal: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS – 51/17 Link: 10.1088/1361-6455/aad133
Reference: Kaushal, J (Kaushal, Jivesh); Smirnova, O (Smirnova, Olga)


Title: Looking inside the tunnelling barrier: I. Strong field ionisation from orbitals with high angular momentum in circularly polarised fields
Journal: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS – 51/17 Link: 10.1088/1361-6455/aad130
Reference: Kaushal, J (Kaushal, Jivesh); Smirnova, O (Smirnova, Olga)


Title: Looking inside the tunnelling barrier: II. Co-and counter-rotating electrons at the ‘tunnelling exit’
Journal: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS – 51/17 Link: 10.1088/1361-6455/aad132
Reference: Kaushal, J (Kaushal, Jivesh); Smirnova, O (Smirnova, Olga)


Title: XUV double-pulses with femtosecond to 650ps separation from a multilayer-mirror-based split-and-delay unit at FLASH
Journal: JOURNAL OF SYNCHROTRON RADIATION – 25/ Link: 10.1107/S1600577518006094
Reference: Sauppe, M (Sauppe, Mario); Rompotis, D (Rompotis, Dimitrios); Erk, B (Erk, Benjamin); Bari, S (Bari, Sadia); Bischoff, T (Bischoff, Tobias); Boll, R (Boll, Rebecca); Bomme, C (Bomme, Cedric); Bostedt, C (Bostedt, Christoph); Dorner, S (Doerner, Simon); Du


Title: Multiple ionization of argon via multi-XUV-photon absorption induced by 20-GW high-order harmonic laser pulses
Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW A – American Physical Society – 98/2 Link: 10.1103/physreva.98.023426
Reference: A. Nayak, I. Orfanos, I. Makos, M. Dumergue, S. Kühn, E. Skantzakis, B. Bodi, K. Varju, C. Kalpouzos, H. I. B. Banks, A. Emmanouilidou, D. Charalambidis, P. Tzallas


Title: Photophysics of indole upon X-ray absorption
Journal: PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS – 20/30 Link: 10.1039/c8cp00936h
Reference: Kierspel, T (Kierspel, Thomas); Bomme, C (Bomme, Cedric); Di Fraia, M (Di Fraia, Michele); Wiese, J (Wiese, Joss); Anielski, D (Anielski, Denis); Bari, S (Bari, Sadia); Boll, R (Boll, Rebecca); Erk, B (Erk, Benjamin); Kienitz, JS (Kienitz, Jens S.); Mulle


Title: Electron correlations and pre-collision in the re-collision picture of high harmonic generation
Journal: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS – 51/13 Link: 10.1088/1361-6455/aac598
Reference: Masin, Z (Masin, Zdenek); Harvey, AG (Harvey, Alex G.); Spanner, M (Spanner, Michael); Patchkovskii, S (Patchkovskii, Serguei); Ivanov, M (Ivanov, Misha); Smirnova, O (Smirnova, Olga)


Title: Strong-field control and enhancement of chiral response in bi-elliptical high-order harmonic generation: an analytical model
Journal: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS – 51/12 Link: 10.1088/1361-6455/aabc95
Reference: Ayuso, D (Ayuso, David); Decleva, P (Decleva, Piero); Patchkovskii, S (Patchkovskii, Serguei); Smirnova, O (Smirnova, Olga)


Title: A Versatile Velocity Map Ion-Electron Covariance Imaging Spectrometer for High-Intensity XUV Experiments
Journal: Applied Sciences – 2018, 8(6), 998 Link: 10.3390/app8060998
Reference: Linnea Rading, Jan Lahl, Sylvain Maclot, Filippo Campi, Hélène Coudert-Alteirac, Bart Oostenrijk, Jasper Peschel, Hampus Wikmark, Piotr Rudawski, Mathieu Gisselbrecht and Per Johnsson


Title: High-order harmonic generation spectroscopy by recolliding electron caustics
Journal: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS – 51/13 134002 Link: 10.1088/1361-6455/aac351
Reference: D Faccialà, S Pabst, B D Bruner, A G Ciriolo, M Devetta, M Negro, P Prasannan Geetha, A Pusala, H Soifer, N Dudovich, S Stagira, C Vozzi


Title: Attosecond electronic recollision as field detector
Journal: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS – 51/10 Link: 10.1088/1361-6455/aabc24
Reference: Carpeggiani, PA (Carpeggiani, P. A.); Reduzzi, M (Reduzzi, M.); Comby, A (Comby, A.); Ahmadi, H (Ahmadi, H.); Kuhn, S (Kuhn, S.); Frassetto, F (Frassetto, F.); Poletto, L (Poletto, L.); Hoff, D (Hoff, D.); Ullrich, J (Ullrich, J.); Schroter, CD (Schroeter


Title: Coherent control schemes for the photoionization of neon and helium in the Extreme Ultraviolet spectral region
Journal: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS – 8/ Link: 10.1038/s41598-018-25833-7
Reference: Giannessi, L (Giannessi, Luca); Allaria, E (Allaria, Enrico); Prince, KC (Prince, Kevin C.); Callegari, C (Callegari, Carlo); Sansone, G (Sansone, Giuseppe); Ueda, K (Ueda, Kiyoshi); Morishita, T (Morishita, Toru); Liu, CN (Liu, Chien Nan); Grum-Grzhimail


Title: Ultimate waveform reproducibility of extreme-ultraviolet pulses by high-harmonic generation in quartz
Journal: NATURE PHOTONICS – 12/5 Link: 10.1038/s41566-018-0123-6
Reference: Garg, M (Garg, M.); Kim, HY (Kim, H. Y.); Goulielmakis, E (Goulielmakis, E.)


Title: Time-resolved inner-shell photoelectron spectroscopy: From a bound molecule to an isolated atom
Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW A – American Physical Society – 97/4 043429 Link: 10.1103/PhysRevA.97.043429
Reference: Felix Brauße, Gildas Goldsztejn, Kasra Amini, Rebecca Boll, Sadia Bari, Cédric Bomme, Mark Brouard, Michael Burt, Barbara Cunha de Miranda, Stefan Düsterer, Benjamin Erk, Marie Géléoc, Romain Geneaux, Alexander S. Gentleman, Renaud Guillemin, Iyas Ismail,


Title: Monte Carlo wave-packet approach to trace nuclear dynamics in molecular excited states by XUV-pump–IR-probe spectroscopy
Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW A – American Physical Society – Pag. 13 – Vol. 97, Iss. 4 – April 2018 Link: 10.1103/PhysRevA.97.043426
Reference: Qingli Jing, Roger Y. Bello, Fernando Martín, Alicia Palacios, and Lars Bojer Madsen


Title: Chiral dichroism in bi-elliptical high-order harmonic generation
Journal: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS – 51/6 Link: 10.1088/1361-6455/aaae5e
Reference: Ayuso, D (Ayuso, David); Decleva, P (Decleva, Piero); Patchkovskii, S (Patchkovskii, Serguei); Smirnova, O (Smirnova, Olga)


Title: Alignment and Imaging of the CS2 Dimer Inside Helium Nanodroplets
Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS – American Physical Society – 120/11 Link: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.120.113202
Reference: James D. Pickering, Benjamin Shepperson, Bjarke A. K. Hübschmann, Frederik Thorning, Henrik Stapelfeldt


Title: Communication: Gas-phase structural isomer identification by Coulomb explosion of aligned molecules
Journal: JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS – 148/9 Link: 10.1063/1.5023441
Reference: Burt, M (Burt, Michael); Amini, K (Amini, Kasra); Lee, JWL (Lee, Jason W. L.); Christiansen, L (Christiansen, Lars); Johansen, RR (Johansen, Rasmus R.); Kobayashi, Y (Kobayashi, Yuki); Pickering, JD (Pickering, James D.); Vallance, C (Vallance, Claire); B


Title: Photoexcitation circular dichroism in chiral molecules
Journal: NATURE PHYSICS – 14, pages484–489 (2018) Link: 10.1038/s41567-017-0038-z
Reference: S. Beaulieu, A. Comby, D. Descamps, B. Fabre, G. A. Garcia, R. Géneaux, A. G. Harvey, F. Légaré, Z. Mašín, L. Nahon, A. F. Ordonez, S. Petit, B. Pons, Y. Mairesse, O. Smirnova & V. Blanchet


Title: Time gated ion microscopy of light-atom interactions
Journal: JOURNAL OF OPTICS – 20/2 Link: 10.1088/2040-8986/aaa326
Reference: Tzallas, P (Tzallas, P.); Bergues, B (Bergues, B.); Rompotis, D (Rompotis, D.); Tsatrafyllis, N (Tsatrafyllis, N.); Chatziathanassiou, S (Chatziathanassiou, S.); Muschet, A (Muschet, A.); Veisz, L (Veisz, L.); Schroder, H (Schroeder, H.); Charalambidis, D


Title: Time–frequency representation of autoionization dynamics in helium
Journal: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS – 51/4 044002 Link: 10.1088/1361-6455/aaa057
Reference: D Busto, L Barreau, M Isinger, M Turconi, C Alexandridi, A Harth, S Zhong, R J Squibb, D Kroon, S Plogmaker, M Miranda, Á Jiménez-Galán, L Argenti, C L Arnold, R Feifel, F Martín, M Gisselbrecht, A L’Huillier, P Salières


Title: Phase control of attosecond pulses in a train
Journal: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS – 51/3 Link: 10.1088/1361-6455/aa9953
Reference: Chen Guo, Anne Harth, Stefanos Carlström, Yu-Chen Cheng, Sara Mikaelsson, Erik Mårsell, Christoph Heyl, Miguel Miranda, Mathieu Gisselbrecht, Mette B Gaarde, Kenneth J Schafer, Anders Mikkelsen, Johan Mauritsson, Cord L Arnold, Anne L’Huillier


Title: Thin-disk pumped optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier delivering CEP-stable multi-mJ few-cycle pulses at 6 kHz
Journal: Optics Express – Optical Society of America – 26/2 1108 Link: 10.1364/oe.26.001108
Reference: Stephan Prinz, Maximilian Schnitzenbaumer, Dionysios Potamianos, Marcel Schultze, Sebastian Stark, Matthias Häfner, Catherine Y. Teisset, Christoph Wandt, Knut Michel, Reinhard Kienberger, Birgitta Bernhardt, Thomas Metzger


Title: Photodissociation of aligned CH3I and C6H3F2I molecules probed with time-resolved Coulomb explosion imaging by site-selective extreme ultraviolet ionization
Journal: STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS – 5/1 Link: 10.1063/1.4998648
Reference: Amini, K (Amini, Kasra); Savelyev, E (Savelyev, Evgeny); Brausse, F (Brausse, Felix); Berrah, N (Berrah, Nora); Bomme, C (Bomme, Cedric); Brouard, M (Brouard, Mark); Burt, M (Burt, Michael); Christensen, L (Christensen, Lauge); Dusterer, S (Duesterer, Ste



Title: Spatial Control of Multiphoton Electron Excitations in InAs Nanowires by Varying Crystal Phase and Light Polarization
Journal: Nano Letters -American Chemical Society – 18-02 907-915 Link: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b04267
Reference: Erik Mårsell, Emil Boström, Anne Harth, Arthur Losquin, Chen Guo, Yu-Chen Cheng, Eleonora Lorek, Sebastian Lehmann, Gustav Nylund, Martin Stankovski, Cord L. Arnold, Miguel Miranda, Kimberly A. Dick, Johan Mauritsson, Claudio Verdozzi, Anne L’Huillier, An


Title: Compact 200 kHz HHG source driven by a few-cycle OPCPA
Journal: JOURNAL OF OPTICS – 20/01 Link: 10.1088/2040-8986/aa9b04
Reference: Anne Harth, Chen Guo, Yu-Chen Cheng, Arthur Losquin, Miguel Miranda, Sara Mikaelsson, Christoph M Heyl, Oliver Prochnow, Jan Ahrens, Uwe Morgner, Anne L’Huillier, Cord L Arnold


Title: Micro-focusing of broadband high-order harmonic radiation by a double toroidal mirror
Journal: Applied Sciences – 7(11), 1159 (2017) Link: 10.3390/app7111159
Reference: Coudert-Alteirac, Hélène; Dacasa, Hugo; Campi, Filippo; Kueny, Emma; Farkas, Balázs; Brunner, Fabian; Maclot, Sylvain; Manschwetus, Bastian; Wikmark, Hampus; Lahl, Jan; Rading, Linnea; Peschel, Jasper; Major, Balázs; Varjú, Katalin; Dovillaire, Guillaume;


Title: Coulomb-explosion imaging of concurrent CH2BrI photodissociation dynamics
Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW A – American Physical Society – 96/4 Link: 10.1103/PhysRevA.96.043415
Reference: Burt Michael; Boll Rebecca; Lee Jason W. L.; Amini Kasra; Kockert Hansjochen; Vallance Claire; Gentleman Alexander S.; Mackenzie Stuart R.; Bari Sadia; Bomme Cedric; Duesterer Stefan; Erk Benjamin; Manschwetus Bastian; Mueller Erland; Rompotis Dimitrios;


Title: Adiabatic Mixed-Field Orientation of Ground-State-Selected Carbonyl Sulfide Molecules
Journal: ChemPhysChem  – 17(22), 3740 – 3746 (2016) Link: 10.1002/cphc.201600710
Reference: Kienitz J. S., Trippel S., Mullins T., Dlugolecki K., González-Férez R., Küpper J.


Title: Soft x-ray excitonics
Journal: SCIENCE – Vol. 357, Issue 6356, pp. 1134-1138 Link: 10.1126/science.aan4737
Reference: A. Moulet, J. B. Bertrand, T. Klostermann, A. Guggenmos, N. Karpowicz, E. Goulielmakis


Title: Coherent diffractive imaging of single helium nanodroplets with a high harmonic generation source
Journal: NATURE COMMUNICATIONS – 8, Article number: 493 (2017) Link: 10.1038/s41467-017-00287-z
Reference: Daniela Rupp, Nils Monserud, Bruno Langbehn, Mario Sauppe, Julian Zimmermann, Yevheniy Ovcharenko, Thomas Möller, Fabio Frassetto, Luca Poletto, Andrea Trabattoni, Francesca Calegari, Mauro Nisoli, Katharina Sander, Christian Peltz, Marc J. Vrakking, Thom


Title: Observation and Control of Laser-Enabled Auger Decay
Journal: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS – American Physical Society – Volume: 119 Issue: 7 Link: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.119.073203
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Title: Application of Matched-Filter Concepts to Unbiased Selection of Data in Pump-Probe Experiments with Free Electron Lasers
Journal: Applied Sciences – 2017, 7(6), 621; Link: 10.3390/app7060621
Reference: Denys Iablonskyi, Yoshiaki Kumagai, Subhendu Mondal, Tetsuya Tachibana, Kiyonobu Nagaya, Toshiyuki Nishiyama, Kenji Matsunami, Per Johnsson, Paolo Piseri, Giuseppe Sansone, Antoine Dubrouil, Maurizio Reduzzi, Paolo Carpeggiani, Caterina Vozzi, Michele Dev


Title: The ELI-ALPS facility: the next generation of attosecond sources
Journal: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS – Volume 50, Number 13 Link: 10.1088/1361-6455/aa6ee8
Reference: Sergei Kühn, Mathieu Dumergue, Subhendu Kahaly, Sudipta Mondal, Miklós Füle, Tamás Csizmadia, Balázs Farkas, Balázs Major, Zoltán Várallyay, Francesca Calegari, Michele Devetta , Fabio Frassetto, Erik Månsson , Luca Poletto, Salvatore Stagira, Caterina Vo


Title: Original Ti:Sa 10  kHz front-end design delivering 17  fs, 170  mrad CEP stabilized pulses up to 5  W
Journal: OSA Publishing – 42, 12 June 2017 Link: 10.1364/OL.42.002326
Reference: A. Golinelli, X. Chen, E. Gontier, B. Bussière, O. Tcherbakoff, M. Natile, P. d’Oliveira, P.-M. Paul, and J.-F. Hergot


Title: Vectorial optical field reconstruction by attosecond spatial interferometry
Journal: NATURE PHOTONICS – 11-6, 383-389 Link: 10.1038/nphoton.2017.73
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Title: Alignment, orientation, and Coulomb explosion of difluoroiodobenzene studied with the pixel imaging mass spectrometry (PImMS) camera
Journal: AIP – The journal of chemical physics – 147(1), 013933 (2017) Link: 10.1063/1.4982220
Reference: Amini K., Boll R., Lauer A., Burt M., Lee J. W. L., Christensen L., Brauβe F., Mullins T., Savelyev E., Ablikim U., Berrah N., Bomme C., Düsterer S., Erk B., Höppner H., Johnsson P., Kierspel T., Krecinic F., Küpper J., Müller M., Müller E., Redlin H., Ro


Title: Generation of Attosecond Light Pulses from Gas and Solid State Media
Journal: PHOTONICS – 2017, 4(2), 26 Link: 10.3390/photonics4020026
Reference: Chatziathanasiou, S; Kahaly, S; Skantzakis, E; Sansone, G; Lopez-Martens, R; Haessler, S; Varju, K; Tsakiris, GD ; Charalambidis, D; Tzallas, P


Title: Space-time control of free induction decay in the extreme ultraviolet
Journal: NATURE PHOTONICS – 11, 252–258 (2017) Link: 10.1038/nphoton.2017.30
Reference: S. Bengtsson, E. W. Larsen, D. Kroon, S. Camp, M. Miranda, C. L. Arnold, A. L’Huillier, K. J. Schafer, M. B. Gaarde, L. Rippe & J. Mauritsson


Title: Optical Parametric Amplification Techniques for the Generation of High-Energy Few-Optical-Cycles IR Pulses for Strong Field Applications
Journal: Applied Sciences – 2017, 7(3), 265 Link: 10.3390/app7030265
Reference: Carlo Callegari, Tsukasa Takanashi, Hironobu Fukuzawa, Koji MotomuraAnna G. Ciriolo, Matteo Negro, Michele Devetta OrcID, Eugenio Cinquanta, Davide Faccialà, Aditya Pusala, Sandro De Silvestri, Salvatore Stagira, Caterina Vozzi


Title: Coulomb time delays in high harmonic generation
Journal: NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS – 19 – (023012) Link: 10.1088/1367-2630/aa55ea
Reference: Lisa Torlina, Olga Smirnova


Title: Jitter-correction for IR/UV-XUV pump-probe experiments at the FLASH free-electron laser
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